The monster in the living room.

Raw fleece

It’s a 5.5 lb border leicester fleece from a shepherd in my area. It smells very barny, and is sticky and stiff and full of VM (vegetable matter, both pre and post digestion). I love the grey brown colours and how soft and wavy it is.

This is the washed up version. I like the color variation a lot – the different staple lengths, not so much:

Washed locks

And here is a bit carded into lovely soft fluffy rolags. I am carding with dog combs right now, which is working, but I am hoping that the upcoming fiber fest trip will result in a card upgrade for me.

Carded wool

And a teeny tiny swatch – two rolags spun up (woolen), andean plied, and knitted into a little 2 inch square. It’s nice and soft, but too lacy on US 8 needles. I think I’ll make a three or four ply yarn in the end. Right now I’m still washing the stuff.

Homespun Swatch


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