If I like blogging, why don’t I do it more?

I’ve been pondering this recently – I enjoy blogging,  but don’t make time for it, and it’s attendant demands,  and I’m not sure quite why.

Do you think about this?   What do you do to try and blog more?   Or do you blog too much and want to blog less?


3 thoughts on “If I like blogging, why don’t I do it more?

  1. I do think about it. I can go weeks without having an original thought, but memes and such are (I hope) entertaining to whomever visits.

    The mistake I make sometimes is thinking that every blog post has to be deeply thoughtful. Drive-by posts might correct that error.

    I love your blog – (as you know)

  2. I’ve thought about that too – and that is why I DONT blog – it seems like it would be hard to find an idea to expound upon every day – or even every other day. But I must admit that I like to read other people’s blogs and am grateful that they do find something to wrote about regularly – even if it is not every day.

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