Gone and done it.

You know how they say the best way to learn to swim is by jumping in the deep end?

I wonder if that applies to teaching sock classes?

I hope not,  because I’ve been getting my feet wet with this whole teaching thing for a while now,  and I’ve even test taught this class specifically to make sure it was workable, enjoyable, understandable, etc etc etc.

But still,  there’s a big difference between sitting down with a bunch of friends around the table at knitting night and teaching something  and sitting down in front of public class like this.   I’m nervous, and giddy, and excited and terrified all at once.   I keep reminding myself   “We’re knitters – we’re friendly,”  but I’ve still got the biggest case of butterflies in the stomach.

On the upside,  an acceptance letter for a teaching proposal is every bit as thrilling as an acceptance letter from a publisher!


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