Tomorrow I teach.

And, like all good high class procrastinators everywhere,  I haven’t done a lick of the work I need to do for the class.

Fortunately, I have a pretty good idea what I’m trying to do,   and what I need to do it,  so getting my handouts made up and the demos ready should be fairly straight forward.

Also fortunately,  this is the test run,  where in I test teach a bunch of friends for free at our regularly schedule knitting knit.   So,  should I flop like spaniels ears,  I won’t be enraging a bunch of people who spent good money to be exposed my opinions.

Toe up socks, and circular needle technique.    Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow I teach.

  1. Dear Anna,
    I enjoy reading your blogs about knitting and other funny stories, just wanted to let you know that. I noticed since about the same time you said you would be starting teachinga knitting class you haven’t had any new entries? Lack of free time??? I myself have often pondered the thought of teaching a knitting class or perhaps taking the hundred of patterns I’ve jotted down in note books and actually trying to publish them. I am curious how things have worked out for you. let me know if you can
    sincerelly, Deborah

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