My spinning rack.

Lacking anything more interesting to blog about today, I share with you my spinning rack. This is a large upright embroidery frame that was a gift from my grandmother (back when I was seriously into embroidery – it came complete with unfinished crewel-work), which I have repurposed for my spinning stuff.

The adjustment holes on the bottom are perfect for most of my spindles – my octagonal Louet doesn’t fit, and I keep meaning to some wire loops or hooks to the bottom of one of the end bars, so my spindles can hang on either side. Pre-drafted ready to spin fiber hangs easily over the round split bars, where it can be spun from without being stepped on, and stored between spins without un-fluffing itself. That big mass of fluff on the right is about .5 oz of 100% mohair, just pre-drafted for my evening spinning session. The denser purple/grey stuff is a merino/silk roving from our spinning class at the Fiber Expo last year – it’s being slowly slowly spun into a lace weight. Very slippery stuff, challenging to spin. The card board roll on the back bar is for storing singles, and if I add another one (or more) I can ply from them as well.

All in all, a nifty little set up, and very portable – I can move it around the room to use, or get out of the way, and it doesn’t cause any trouble.

My Spinning Rack


One thought on “My spinning rack.

  1. Well, how about that? a very ingenious use for that piece of furniture. Wonderfully organized, I must say. Gramma will be pleased to hear of it.

    Love, Mom

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