Tuesdays are for spinning.

And in this case, blogging about the past week’s spinning as well. No, this is not an original idea. I stole it from some random knit-blogger.

I finished a little skein of Jacob – 1 oz.
Miscellaneous Mystery Fiber

I finished a little skein of Cormo – .5oz

I finished a little skein of Romney – 1 oz.

All together, they are fated to be a little tiny sweater for a certain stuffed animal in my child’s life, who, I am regularly informed “..is very very sad because he doesn’t have his own woolies, Mommy.”

Doll Clothes to be.

And I am still working on the laceweight. The end is in sight though – I have less then half an ounce of the roving left. I’m still working on getting my mojo back though, so I can’t spin this stuff for very long – it’s so slick I keep dropping the spindle if I go too long.

Laceweight project.


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