Knitting Thank You

More hiatus knitting. There’s no olympic knitting to report today – I’ve actually been too under the weather to knit.

A basketweave pattern afghan in Peruvian Tweed, on size 11US needles. A thank you gift, because nothing says thank you like 100% superfine alpaca.



2 thoughts on “Knitting Thank You

  1. ooooo…oooooo that looks delicious – good enough to snuggle up in right now. I hope you feel better now, or real soon. Do you have another afghan to cuddle up in in the meanwhile?

    lots of love, Mom

  2. I’m looking for the knitting pattern from Meidas Mittens by Nancy Bush as recommended in Sept 2007 by Kathy. The mitten is pink and is knitted in a particular Fair Isle Knit which I gather is very soft. She recommended this particular pattern of mitten for a first timer to knit. My son cannot stand the feeling of wool, anything picky or scratchy or seams sticking into him (he’s 11). (I would also like a sock, slipper and hat pattern with a fibre that would not irritate him; he’s extremely sensitive).
    Thank you so much

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