Stephanie gets it right.


Stephanie Pearl-McPhee on children in public.

I think our culture’s attitudes towards kids are pretty sick ,  and that it is a serious sign that our culture as a whole is pretty sick.    There are,  I grant you,  times and places when it is reasonable to hang out an ‘adults only’  sign —  but on whole we have no right to expect to live in a child-free society.


2 thoughts on “Stephanie gets it right.

  1. Reminds me of when my oldest was just 3 months old. Anne Lamott had just released her book Operating Instructions and came to my town to give a reading. I brought the baby, figuring that since her book was a memoir of raising her baby from infancy, there would be lots of babies there. But he was the only one. And a couple of people were giving me the evil eye, even though my baby didn’t cry–but he did make little baby gurgling noises. Anne Lamott, however, was fabulous and made it clear that babies were more than welcome.

  2. I went to a book signing when Patti Smith’s book of poetry and lyrics was published. This punk, spiky chick spent more time grabbing babies and kissing them than reading her poetry!
    (That’s the spirit!)

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