Missing; reward.

One knitter’s sanity. Kept in a green binder, with lots of knitting patterns in plastic sleeves. Also includes notes on works in progress, a needle sizer, and a yardage estimation.

Knitter suspects her sanity may be in serious jeopardy unless the binder can be located immediately. Works on the needles are already suffering from minor mistakes and neglect, and even the neatness of the knitting corner has been threatened by this disastrous loss.

Knitter will reward finder of sanity with plenty of appreciation, good tea, and possibly hand knit socks.


2 thoughts on “Missing; reward.

  1. Ugh!!! I would just CRY!

    Did you look: under the bed, in the closet, under the couch, in your car, under your pillow?

  2. Found, but by Anna. It was disguising itself amongst a multitude of my binders on the bookshelf. 🙂 Glad you have it back!

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