The Fairy Forest is melting.

The recent ice storm turned the whole city in to a sort of glittering wonderland – the woods around the pond near our house were quite spectacular. Pretty, pretty pretty. So pretty I didn’t photograph it – some things are best allowed to live in experience and memory.

It also knocked out our power for two days – which in a household with electric heat is bad. Chilly nippy icy nose freezing toes kind of bad. After about 18 hours, our landlord sent us all packing, with instructions to leave our bolts off so they could monitor for pipe freeze, and bring back motel receipts for a nice discount on our next months rent. I love where we live.

So we’ve spent the last day and half cooped up in a small three room motel suite with a fold a bed, cable television (which we don’t have at home – we’ve all overdosed on tv programming and commercials), and a jacuzzi. Not a bad way to cope with being frozen out of house and home.

Now it’s melting away – a secondary rain splattering down over everything, punctuated by the the clip rattle of ice shattering on pavement as larger pieces melt free. We were driving home, and dasHusband is watching the icefall and says “It’s nice to see the ice fall-(BOOM, massive piece of ice from power-line explodes in our faces across the windshield)-ing.”


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