It’s done! Done! Done!

After six years,  and more money then I care to think about,  my piano is finished!!!!


We’re driving up for the final approval this weekend,  and will be scheduling delivery for near the end of March.   It’s been being refurbished and completely refinished,  with various internal bits replaced,   and it is finally done.

My piano is a Kingsbury cabinet grand,  built by the Cable Piano Co. of Chicago, circa 1905.   It stands approximately 55 inches tall,  and is made of curly oak throughout, except for the keys, which are ebony and ivory topped plain oak.     The upper panels are ornately carved with oriental dragons on a scrollwork background, facing center.    The last time I saw it, it was in pieces, completely gutted and partially refinished.

For those who have seen this piano – it is not a deep mahagony.   That finish was fashionable in the 1900’s,   but the piano’s actual color is a deep honey blond oak,  with darker curls throughout.  It is gorgeous!


5 thoughts on “It’s done! Done! Done!

  1. Hi Anna, I am one of the nurses who works with your husband and just checked out your website (think I was here once before too)….so happy to hear about your piano, I did not know you played! Sounds wonderful…I was classically trained in piano and just love it to relax…yours sounds like it would look really cool in my new house 🙂 Where did you find it? That’s a wonderful, long lasting brand

  2. WE had this piano when I was kid – I’m the only one who ever played it, though, so when my mother moved, she gave it to me. I’ve never had formal training – my Gran taught me to pick out Silent Night with two fingers when I was little, then I taught my self to read music and play a little when I was older.

  3. Looking foward to seeing pictures of it, it’ sounds lovely! My grandmother had an upright piano that was in dining room. I think my Uncle Tom has it now, he and my Aunt Chris were the ones that played. When my mom was young, she thought she could get out of doing the dishes like her sister, Christine, if she took piano lessons. No, she had to do the dishes, THEN practice. 🙂

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