Ok, some numbers.

Weighed and measured. Being a witchy woman, I am have done this in a charming sort of way, making myself a talisman of my measure — I took a skein of my hand spun yarn, and measured out three lengths that are as tall as I am, then braided them together. Then I wrapped this comforting reminder of my skill about various bits of my body, and marked the measures off with knots. I put a Japanese coin that was a gift from a friend on one end, and have rolled my talisman into a coil for future use along this particular journey.

(Side note – this method of taking ones measure is where the phrase originates, and has been used by sympathetic magicians and tailors since time immemorial.)

And here are the numbers – we’ll take it from the top down.

Biceps – 17″

Bust – 45″

Waist – 40″

Hips – 51″

Thigh – 29″

Here’s what I look like – these are older pictures – the wooded one is from ’03, and the pack on one is from ’05 (I couldn’t find last springs pack-on shot – I take that trip every year). It’s okay though – my weight has been steady for about 6 years now. The big change is that darned body fat — before this winter (when I’ve been quite sedentary due to illness), it ran around 44-45%, so I’m probably a little puffier now then I look in these pics, though my weight is the same.

Weight – 246, with a body fat percentage of 50% (eeek! – that’s gone up over the winter).
On the Buckeye TrailHammock 012

So there it is. Make of what you will, and wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Ok, some numbers.

  1. Good luck with your weight loss. I know there are a lot of us out there giving it a try again. My biggest thing is that I want to feel better. I hate when evening comes around and I’m so exhasuted from work that I can’t knit. I figure that if I lose some weight that may help.

  2. Okay I want to join you in this travel.
    I have seriously gone off the deep end with my weight over the holidays and with being ill and sedentary.
    I took my measurements and I just topped your numbers.
    P.S. I looove the way you took your measurement.

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