Socks and plans.

Here is a pair of socks. KnitPicks Essential Tweed in the Inca Gold colorway. I like the yarn well enough, though it is a little rougher then the YarnArt Wool I used for my little blue socks. Knit on a size 1 or 0 dpns. The tag said they were size one, but my needle gauge thinks they are size zero.

I got gauge on them, and that’s what counts. These are for dasHusband, who made me learn to knit socks by buying himself a ball of Trekking one day after I said ‘That? Oh, that’s sock yarn.” He said, “You mean you could knit socks?? I like socks!”.

So, for himself, socks. And the next pair will be Trekking.
Tweed Socks

And for me – Tea and Cream is wound and ready to knit. The dpns are the ones I used for the tweed socks, and I may use them if I knit Earl Grey, to save myself the trouble of re-writing the pattern for toe up. Lantern Moon Sox Stix, in rosewood.

Tea and Cream

That’s the socks part. The plans part is a giant ball of 100% alpaca dk weight tweed. I mean to make an afghan and I am swatching swatching for it.


3 thoughts on “Socks and plans.

  1. Nice socks! Great color too. Tea & Cream looks wonderful too. I esp love those dpns you’ve got there. Don’t have a pair myself. Do you like them? curious.

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