Things that are done. Mostly.

Socks.  Plain blue socks knit toe up on size one US needles.   No real pattern – just a turkish cast on toe and short row heel.   This is YarnArt Wool, a nice basic sock wool  which I like because it is inexpensive and comes in solid colors.   Am I the only person in the world who likes solid color yarns?  It feels like it sometimes.

Plain Blue Socks

This is the mostly – it still needs blocking, and packing, and shipping.  Charlene Schurch’s  Norwegian Star Cap,  from her book ‘Hats On’ ,  knit in Nature Spun worsted wool.   Size six and four US needles.

Norwegian Star


3 thoughts on “Things that are done. Mostly.

  1. You’re not the only one. I like solids, too – but I always have adored variegated. Now that I can buy handpaints, I’m in heaven. Sometimes, too, they’re useful: I’m learning the sock-on-2 circs method, and it’s helpful that every stitch is a different color. I can keep track of where I am by following the color changes.

    The hat is beautiful!

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