Sock sock sock, and goodies.

I bound off the first sock! Note the anklet length cuff – there are a lot of things I want to tweak on the second sock, and my theory is that if I knit anklets, I may have enough yarn to knit a third sock. Thus, if I like my tweaked second sock better, I can knit a matching one. Maybe. My skein is only 371 yards, so we’ll see.


I’ve cast on the second sock, so no SSS for me so far.

Things I want to change:

The too pointy toe. I fixed this by casting on 10 instead of 8, and increasing every round for the first three rounds, instead of every other round.

Sock1 ToeNice round toe.

The holes on the heel. I need to figure out a good wrap and turn scheme for this heel – or maybe just practice it better. I know you can’t see them in this picture – it’s when I wear the sock.

Sock1 Heel

The bind off. Because I was lazy and didn’t want to pull out a book or turn on the pc to look up a better bind off, I used a plain knitted cast off on this. It’s not quite stretchy enough.

Wrong Bind off.

I also got goodies today! I ordered some things from The Loopy Ewe last Thursday, and they arrived today. Two yummy sock yarns, a sock journal and Sheri threw in some neat little needle inventory cards and a couple of yarn sample cards.


The large skein is a SeaCoast Handpaint  superwash sock yarn, and the little one is a Louet Gems superwash sock yarn — it’s for my sock heel samples.

The name of the SeaCoast colorway is Tea and Cream! Would it be too twee of me to knit Stephanie’s Earl Grey socks out of it?


7 thoughts on “Sock sock sock, and goodies.

  1. lol – I think knitting Earl Grey socks from your Tea and Cream yarn would be exceedingly appropriate.

    On another subject – do you know of a good pattern for slippersocks? I found one that looked easy enough but uses humongous needles – which I would have to go buy and then probably never use again.

  2. I don’t know a good pattern off the top of my head, but I’ll bet you could find one on or Great sites, both of them.

  3. No such thing as too twee when you’re talking tea. (I didn’t mean for that sentence to be twee. Sorry.)

    Do you like the 2-circ method? I’m waiting for my Bordhi book. If I get it tomorrow, I know what I’ll be trying on Thanksgiving!

  4. I’m really liking two circ’s so far – and I’m thinking I’ve got to give magic loop a try now – it would be almost identical, but only one needle to tangle with.

    I’m discovering that my lack of sock love seems to be due to the cuff down construction – I’m having a ball with these toe-ups – and I can’t help but think that what I am doing would be a lot trickier on dpns.

    I’ll give it a try, but there are some aspects of the toe construction I just can’t imagine working as easily on dpns.

  5. Your sock looks great. Check out alisons ankle socks or misocrafty. They both have a great short row sock tutorial. I can make almost 3 socks out of a skein of yarn. Ankle socks are the best!

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