‘Tis the Season.

To knit nice things for those you love. Not being willing to subject myself to excessive holiday knitting guilt though, I’m not. The ones I love get the knitting love year round, and making myself crazy to try and make a holiday deadline would not contribute to peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

I am knitting one gift though. Just one. Not a holiday gift, exactly. This whole holiday thing is purely coincidental I tell you – sheer happenstance. That the colors and patterns on this hat are slightly reminiscent of a certain upcoming winter holiday which the hat will be done by – also a simple bit synchronicity, purely un-intended in every way. Really.

The body pattern is done, and I am ready to start the crown decreases. That bit of distortion in the middle is due to the hem being knit in there, and should all but vanish when blocked.

Crowning.A Neat Hem

This is the Norwegian Star pattern from Charlene Schurch’s book ‘Hats On!’ It’s on size 4 and six needles (you work the internal brim at a small gauge so it tucks in neatly), and being worked in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted.


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