A dilemma and a photograph.

Here’s my problem -Second Sock Syndrome. I haven’t finished my sort of first sock yet, and I want to avoid SSS at all cost. The usual solution is to just start the next sock right away. But if I start the next sock right away, then I’m knitting another sock, and I don’t want to knit another sock. I want to knit a hat. I’ve already started the hat, it’s a nice hat, I’ve got the first bit of the hat done, and on top of that, it’s a gift hat. So I’m really committed to this hat.

But if I put aside my sock and work on the hat instead of the second sock – blammo! Second Sock Syndrome.

Soo….. I’ve found a solution. I just won’t finish the first sock yet! Then I can resume peaceful sock knitting after I finish the hat. No guilt, no hurry, no problem. Perfect.

See sock. See hat.
Gussetless socks.NS hat internal brim.

See Bee. Knitting is portable.

She knits.


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