A heel, a heel, my kingdom for a heel!

This is my sort of first sock. My “real” first sock I knit ages ago, out of worsted weight acrylic on size 1US needles – it’s like a little cardboard bootie, never to be repeated. I just wanted to see if I could interpret the directions in my knitting book for patternless socks.

This though, I intend to actually wear. It’s knit in YarnArt wool (discontinued), in a pretty blue. I’ve had it ripening in the stash for about a year, and took it to the sock class I took at the Expo. Hence, a toe up sock on two circulars — now that I am getting the hang of using two circs I can see exactly how magic loop on one long circ works, so I might try that for my next pair of socks.

Anyways….. here’s the picture :

Sock and Dollie.

Note also the yarn dollie – I taught the Bee and some friends to make these in order to keep the kids out of our hair at our dinner on Sunday, and she has been enchanted by it. My stash is being denuded of all that Lion Brand I purchased, and yarn dollies are turning up all over the house.

I had a bit of trouble with the heel part of my sock class – there wasn’t one, so when I started this sock I had no clue what I was going to do when I got to the heel. I hunted around online for a while, and finally found Kri’s Heel Compendium.  This is great thing she has done, and I am going to copy her — I don’t know if I will make a blog page for it, but I am going to get my self a skein of sock yarn, and keep a heel sampler, knitting up heel patterns as I find them, and saving the heel swatchs with the pattern directions in a binder.

Heel closeup.

I used the short row heel, and am fairly happy with it – it was a very fast knit, and fits my foot well so far. I might want to figure out how to add a little gusset shaping over the ankle (it looks as if it might stretch too much), and on the next sock I will follow misocrafty’s Short Row Heel Tutorial to see if I can get rid of the holes that I have on this heel.


3 thoughts on “A heel, a heel, my kingdom for a heel!

  1. Congratulations on the sock! Do you think the 2-circ method is better than DPNs? I was resistant to it when I knitted my first couple of pairs of socks, but I’m starting to think that it’s quicker than knitting on 4 toothpicks…

  2. I’m liking the two circs alot so far, and I plan to try magic loop next. I also want to try a toe up sock on dpn’s, because I think that once I get my technique down, dpn’s might be faster for me (not pausing between needles to re-arrange stitches), and I like dpn’s well enough for other knitting.

    I think it might end up depending on the pattern and the yarn — I can think of some patterns I’ve read that it would useful to keep track of whats happening on a needle by needle basis, and others that seem like they would knit easier on the circs.

  3. I’m glad you found my heel compendium useful. If you end up knitting a heel using a technique I don’t have up there (I plan to add more some day) and feel like taking close up pictures you want to share, I’d be glad to make up the page with all the information in the heel compendium (linking back to you of course!).

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