Some days.

And some weeks.    It’s been awfully hectic around here – not busy, per so,  but everythings just been a little scattered.  A relative who’s been in hospice care passed away,  so there was travelling to do,  on top of the preparations for a large dinner/rpg we’re hosting this coming Sunday,  and then there was that lunch that had something in it not quite stored properly.   Even mild food poisoning is pain.

I’ve haven’t been knitting or spinning or writing,  just sort of getting from one day to the next taking of care of what needs it.   But funerals are over, travellers are back, menus are planned, and I don’t need to vacuum tomorrow morning because I finished doing it about half an hour ago.    There’s a nice red sauce simmering, and as soon as the Bee gets back from her nature walk,  I’ll start the penne,  and we’ll have a nice supper.

Things have calmed down, and Lady willing, will stay so for a while.


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