To turn, turn will be our delight.

These are the skeins that I am finishing today – they’ve been washed, and are now bedecking my living room as they dry.   From top to bottom there is:

  • corriedale – from my Louet spindle kit,  spun on the Louet octagon spindle (1.5oz).   Cruddy fiber on an iffy spindle, but still made a nice yarn – we’re using it to make a sock pony. 102 yards, approx.
  • cooked pork colored Romney – from the fiber samples we were given in the spinning class at the Expo.  Spins nicely,  uncomfortable meaty color.  I’m making mini skeins out of it to practice different yarn finishing techniques.  Spun on my nice Spinsanity spiral spindle(1.1oz).
  • a combination of the pork Romney, some silk merino that Shannon gave me a sample of, and some shetland top that we also got in the spinning class.  Made an interesting yarn all plied together. Spun on the Spiral.
  • some of the silk merino spun along on my little .8 oz lace spindle.  Lovely stuff.
  • a sample of alpaca top spun on the lace spindle.
  • merino tencel plied with the shetland leader that was on my lace spindle.   I love this roving – it’s named Briney Deep, and is from Dragon Fibers.  I bartered for this with Kraftie.  This stuff drafts like a dream, and spins lace beautifully, and makes a shimmery yarn that is just enchanting.  I am so in love with it.

Some HandSpun


9 thoughts on “To turn, turn will be our delight.

  1. Only the brown has enough yardage to really do much with – the little skeins are between 15 and 25 yards each – little sample spins. Probably they’ll just sit around looking skeiny. If I get ambitious I might label them and put them on a d-ring or something.

    The pork roving I am going to make sample skeins out of and label for my spinning journal – I’ll experiment with different finishing techniques with them, some that I want to do, but would be reluctant to do with bad wool, or with good wool that I liked. Good wool that I don’t like is perfect for it! *lol*

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