Thank you!

I finished up my sewing today, and I got two packages in the mail!

I was sewing a genie costume, seen here finished, and as modeled by the Bee. There are supposed to be matching pants, but I messed them up – I accidentally sewed the outer leg seam on the wrong side. So it’s worn with just a pair of slacks, and looks quite fine.

Genie CostumeGenieBee

One was from my tea swap buddy, Michelle. She sent my quite possibly the coolest swap package I have ever gotten, of which there are so many pictures that I have put the rest of them below the fold, and seriously suggest that folks on dial-up grab a cup of tea while they wait for them to load.

A box, a box!

One was from me. I am apparently the most absent minded, distracted and oblivious mailer in the world — I packed up Michelle’s package, toted it off to the post office and mailed, all without noticing I had neglected to put her address on it! Instead of flying off to Texas, I am taking it to Michigan with me tomorrow, where it will be enhanced at the Fiber Expo!

Shipping Error

Okay, swappity goodness.

Once I dealt with the huge pile of packing peanuts (which were a big hit with the Bee), I had this stack of little packages to open. Stacks of little packages are great.


There was a knitting pattern – Bella, from Fiber Trends – and there was yarn to knit it with.

Lace wrapMisti Alpaca

There were assorted spoil-me gifties – gardenia shower gel, and a scrubbie, and some cool note pads.

Bath YummiesNote pads

There were nibbling goodies, and a yummy looking soup packet.

Mexican Peanut CandyHeart o' FudgeSoup

There were cups. A jalapeno mug (so cute!), and the most amazing flower cup set — I love this flower cup!

Jalapeno mug!Flower Tea

And there was tea! Three kinds of tea I’ve never tried before, including a lipton tea in their new pyramid tea bags. I’ve already brewed a cup in the flower tea cup, and it was so pretty!


Michelle, everything is great, and I love it all! Thank you so much!


3 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. I’m so glad it got to you safe and sound. The cups worried me. It would be heart breaking to get the package to you and the cups shattered. I let the mail place pack it. So glad you like it. Now I can breath. đŸ™‚

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