The fish have moved.

The tessellating fish now have their own home. Instead of living in a desolate clump at the bottom of my knitting basket, they now school in a lovely and appropriate dollar store gift bag. They stack neatly on one side of the bag, and the yarn for the project stacks neatly on the other.

Here is the bag:

Fishes 003

And here are the fish:

Fishes 004

I do like the solitary gold fish – he’s a scrap of yarn left from an afghan square I knit for KTC, and I do think I will keep him as a solitary fish – I like the idea of one golden fishie in my afghan.


4 thoughts on “The fish have moved.

  1. I’m making the fish afghan too–at first I thought for my youngest son, but now I’m thinking maybe for the grandkids, if they come about, since youngest son is now too old to want a fishy blanket! The fish are sure fun to knit, though.

  2. Oh I love the golden fish!
    Hey what an awesome fish bag!
    I have been carrying my fish around in an old tote bag, I really must up grade them to something more to their liking.

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