Some spinning, and a Red Scarf Reminder

Here is my first “full” skein off the spindle. I don’t know the yardage – but it’s enough to knit something. Still very much lumpy beginners yarn. But I’m getting better. And I’ve still got two nice chunks of roving to practice with – a black one, and a white one. The spinning kit claims to come with 8 oz of fiber — there is no way these three bundles are only 8 oz. though. I need to get a small digital scale for these things – my kitchen scale doesn’t cut it with small amounts.

A Skein 002

And be sure to check out the Red Scarf Project blog — the mailing deadline for the 2008 Red Scarf drive is October 15th, and the OFA really really wants to avoid being drowned alive in scarves this year. I’ll be sending them the RIHS — I know I’ve been knitting the red farrow rib scarves, but they are desperate for fewer but nicer scarves, and the RIHS certainly qualifies. The red farrow rib scarves will go to a local charity instead.


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