In Which Anna Improvises.

I improvise – it’s one of the things I’m sort of good at.   I can rationalize almost anything, I can cook over an open fire, and I can knit small bags without a pattern. This is a belt pouch for my friend Manda — we were hanging out and gaming on Sunday, and she asked “Oh hey, can you make me a belt pouch?” and then talked for a while about the Ren Faire she’d been too, and how everything there was so expensive. She didn’t really expect me to dive into the stash and thrust several skeins of yarn at her, asking which one she liked.

Belt Pouch

Manda liked the Koigu – it is really great yarn, and she loves the colors.

I’m also fairly sure that she didn’t expect me to cast the bag on then and there, and be better then half through with it before she left that evening. If I hadn’t messed up the math on where to place my decreases for the bottom, I’d have had it finished before she left. The little spiral charm is made of copper wire, and acid tempered so that it is a coppery purple color that matches the Koigu perfectly — dasHusband’s hobby is jewelry making, and he made it for me ages ago. It’s been hovering in my jewelry tray waiting to find the perfect use, and this is it.

Also, I don’t own a niddy noddy, or anything else to wind skeins on.

No problem.

Not a niddy noddy.

This is some spindle spun mongolian camel yarn that I got in a swap — it’s a gorgeous color, but the yarn was awfully wiry and twisty, full of little plant bits, and slightly redolent of…. well… mongolian camel. I’m finally getting around to skeining it and washing it – this is being re-skeined after the wash and dry. Much nicer.  It fluffs up all lovely like, and is no longer wiry and stiff and trying to ply itself.  Still sorta scratchy though – it’s full of guard hairs.


2 thoughts on “In Which Anna Improvises.

  1. Hey that is a great idea!
    I had been using my family as yarn winding slaves before they started to protest to much, now I use the spinning computer chair.

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