This morning.

There are lots of birds at the feeder this morning – we put it back up a couple of weeks ago, and it’s finally been re-discovered. Goldfinches, house finches, purple finches, some sparrows, a black-capped chickadee. And a mourning dove wandering around underneath. A squirrel runs up occasionally and startles them all away. The new feeder set up is thus far squirrel proof – one squirrel got onto it, and managed to catapult himself and the bird feeder off the balcony and into the yard. He hasn’t tried again.

Tarot Bag closedTarot Bag

I finished this little bag a couple of days ago – the yarn is Di.Ve’ Butterfly, 50% wool, 35% acrylic,15% alpaca. I think I used size 6US dpns. Could have been size 8. The pattern – none. I measured my cards, decided I wanted some ribbing and eyelets at the top, and cast on. It was a nice mindless knit to work on at the family get together on Sunday, and by the time we got home I was ready to start the decreases for the bottom. I had planned to do a banded bottom – like the toe of a sock, but I woke up a 2 am that morning with a brain storm about how to finish the bottom.

End Detail

Here’s the bottom — what I did was knit stockinette to the length of my cards — then I re-arranged the stitches on the needles, so that I had five stitches across each short side and 10 across the long sides and it was nice and rectangular. Then I started knitting a flap along one long side — as I knit the flap I picked up a stitch from the short sides and decreased it together with the end stitches on the flap. This  joined the bottom to the sides, and made it lie flat neatly. When I ran out of side stitches I turned the bag inside out, and joined the two sets of live stitches I had (one for each long side) with a three needle bind-off. I could have grafted it, but didn’t. It came out very neatly, and fits the cards perfectly.


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