All-Over Two-Color Patterned Watch Cap – Done!

‘Tis finished. I need to block it yet – which means I need to find something large enough and appropriately shaped to block it on. I think I’ll need to get a large balloon. It doesn’t show up well in the photos, but the crown of the hat is very pleated — I think because I knit the extra-large size. The rate of decrease probably isn’t quite right for the larger size, but I think it will block up nicely.


Contest results: I ran out of white yarn with 8 rows to go, and 469 stitches yet to stitch. So the closest guess was Melanie, at 50 stitches. Congrats Melanie! I was very surprised when I did the math to figure how many stitches were left – I had forgotten to consider that the chart covers one repeat, and that in extra-large I am knitting seven repeats.


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