Introducing a new category: spinning.

Because I am now posessed of a spindle and fiber, and my knitting time is getting chewed up doing this:

HomespunFirst 004

I’m not sure I’ll stick with the spinning after I’ve worked through this fiber though — it’s fun enough, but in an “eh” kind of way. Easier than knitting though. Not that I am spinning anything I think I could knit with – that might not be easier than knitting.


2 thoughts on “Introducing a new category: spinning.

  1. Your yarn looks very nice!
    I have been taking spinning lessons with a small group of ladies once a month.
    My 3rd lesson is coming up soon.
    I really enjoy the spinning, it is very soothing to my heart.
    I am not very good though and I keep breaking the yarn or over twisting it but the lady teaching us is very patient and kind.
    While one student is spinning the others card the wool. Now this I am very good at and could card wool all day! 🙂

  2. I would probably take a spinning class if I could find one locally. There’s a fiber fest in Michigan at the end of October I might go to – if I do, I’ll take the spinning class there.

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