I get to start my charts!

I’ve gotten the six inches of ribbing done for the watch-cap, and I get to start my charts now!! This was excellent movie knitting — the stitch markers are place to help minimize the error potential of knitting in the dark – there is a purl before and knit after each marker, so that I would know promptly if I made a mistake and be able to stop.

HatSock 003

Also on the needles is a pair of socks — with much encouragement (and a yarn gift!) from Melanie, I have cast on for the sock pattern in my Ann Budd basic pattern book. The yarn’s colorway is…… interesting. I’m not sure I *like* electric green and purple together, but the way the sock is knitting up has a strange fascinating charm — like watching a rattlesnake eat a frog. I can’t put it down, except to knit something else.

HatSock 004


2 thoughts on “I get to start my charts!

  1. The funny thing is how interesting the colors are knitted up – I think of it as violets amongst new spring grass – and of course, the colors were dyed as an honor for the Lime and Violet ladies when one of them was ill — as for a rattlesnake eating a frog, how about a frog eating a shimmery purple fly instead? It’s all in the imagery…

  2. It is fascinating to watch the colors swirl around each other — I can’t wait to see what happens when I hit the heel flap. On the swatch I knit the colors pooled really strangely, so the striping was a shock.

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