Planning, planning.

Short of budgetary catastrophe I will be undertaking a major knitting project in October – the Garden Patch cardigan by Philosopher’s Wool, as my project for the Anne Of Green Gables Knit and Read-Along. The KAL is four months long, which should be ample time for a major knitting project as long as I practice a reasonable degree of project monogamy.

Garden Patch will be the second sweater I have knit (We’re not going to discuss the first one. Some things are better left to the past.) , and is going to be a serious challenge for me – I’ll be working stranded knitting in the round, then steeking to shape the cardi.

The first thing I think I need to do is clear up my backlog of UFO’s — I’ve gotten it down to two serious projects,  the Stella Maris Scarf and the SnowDrop Shawl.    The scarf has six repeats to go before I can start the border,   and Snowdrop  is perhaps 40% finished.  I’ve been following a small self set rule of working on only two projects at a time – one old project, and one new project.   That’s been working well for me.  I’ll definitely finish up the scarf this month,  and I should be able to finish the shawl as well.

To practice the stranded knitting,  and improve my tension carrying yarn in both hands, I am going to knit at least 3 stranded knitting hats.  I have the first one started.   That’s about a hat a week this month,  which should be do-able.  I’ve laid in a stock of worsted weight yarn in nice colors, gotten a hat book (Hats On by Charlene Schurch), and am getting underway with this.

I’ve also worked with my schedule,  to make sure I am developing a good habit of knitting every day  under good conditions.  I have designated a “sit down knitting time” in the evenings,  when it is understood that Mom is doing complicated knitting,  and will not play  or read or do Mom things short of emergencies.  I will chat, and give hugs and am otherwise not to be disturbed.   I’m starting this a month early so that la familia will have time to get used to it — so far it’s going well.   The Bee gets her knitting and sits and knits with me!  and dasHusband is usually at work,  so it works out very well.


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