So you may take me to the fair.

And I shall walk around knitting and getting strange looks.

FairFair07 003FairFair07 005

We had a grand time – the Bee went on the merry-go-round, and I took her on the ferris wheel while dasHusband waited, and we saw an elephant show and learned all about African and Asian elephants.

I didn’t see any knitting in the exhibition hall this year! Last year there was some pretty gorgeous stuff – sweaters, and a twin-set in some scary tiny gauge. This year, the only fiber stuff I could find was fleeces (with a big sign – do not touch the fleece), some quilting, a little bit of crochet (but lovely lacy fine crochet), and a lonely badly knit stocking in a display on the uses of wool.

Either there was a dearth of competitive knitters this year, or I just missed it.


One thought on “So you may take me to the fair.

  1. You can walk while you knit?? I’m so impressed, I can’t even walk and chew gum!
    Too bad about no knitting on display, but it sounds like you had fun anyways.

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