A Turkish Stitch String Bag.

I’ve knit this bag before — sort of literally. I made a nice string bag back in January, as a home for my stash. It had that wonderful stretchy quality that let me add more and more yarn.

I picked my stash bag up on Tuesday morning, and balls of yarn started falling out of the bottom it. Some how, at some point, one little stitch in the bottom of the bag had gotten cut, and the whole bottom of the bag had unraveled! I had to put all my yarn into a plastic bag, and then I unpicked the bindoff stitches of my string bag, and started re-knitting it.

The finished bag –
Turkish Stitch String Bag

This go round is rather smaller then the original bag — I made the bottom a little denser, so it will be more sturdy, and I knit the top more closely as well, since the last incarnation of this bag had unsightly gaps around the top edge. It is finished, and I am happy — but not all of my stash fits in it now!

The pattern is the Turkish Stitch String bag,  from Judy Gibson’s website.  I knit the bottom and top edges on a size 8US circular, to make them denser and stronger,  and the mesh section on a size 13U.   This is knit in #10 crochet cotton.


3 thoughts on “A Turkish Stitch String Bag.

  1. It’s a great pattern! And you can knit it on a larger circ — she suggests a 16″, but I knit the first one on a 24, and it worked well. Just stretched tightly on the pick-up row a little.

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