Shock and Awe.

I hit the yarn shop again today – needles for my fairisle hat endeavours. It never fails – despite have more needles then I thought humanly possibly, it turns out that I don’t have the needle sizes called for in my hat book. Now that I’ve purchased the needles, watch it turn out that I have horrible gauge issues, and need still more needles. Or even more humiliating – I need to use needles I had to begin with.

Anyways – needles. Plymouth Bamboo dpn’s and a 16″ circular – US sizes 4 and 6, and a 16″ Inox US size 4. Plymouth didn’t have one, which made me cranky – I like bamboo needles.

After getting out of the yarn shop I experienced a strange feeling of melancholy – I had entered a yarn shop, spent money, and had no new yarn. I explained this to my husband as we were getting ready to order lunch, and he nodded at the menu, glanced at the clock on the wall, and said “What color yarn do you want?”

Have I mentioned that my husband is wonderful? He understands his knitter.

The restaurant being a mere block from the yarn shop, he left me to order our lunch, and popped back up to the shop to get me some blue yarn.

Blue yarn – Mission Falls 1824 superwash. It will be perfect in the fish afghan.
Blue Green

And there was this:
A gold box!Buffalo Gold


125 yards, 25 grams, of 100% buffalo 2 ply finger weight.

As I goggled at this horribly expensive yarn in its shiny gold box ( a gold box!!) my husband said, “I know you’ve been lusting after that yarn for over a year, and that you’d probably never get it for yourself.” Then he grinned.

Have I mentioned that my husband is wonderful?  He understands his knitter.


5 thoughts on “Shock and Awe.

  1. Bamboo is good stuff. I’m a woolhead, myself, but I’ve worked with bamboo once, and liked it a lot. I sort of think of it as “way better than cotton”.

  2. I always use bamboo needles unless they absolutely don’t work with the yarn – I love the way the feel, even when they’re new, before they’ve become shiny and perfect. Great yarn – and you have a wonderful husband to understand the important things!

  3. I love bamboo needles – they’re so warm in the hand. I really appreciate how the yarn clings to them, without grabbing or sticking the way it can on plastic or wood.

  4. Dang! Your husband does understand.

    My husband sometimes understands, but he forgets that Michael’s stock of yarn is the filmy cruddy yarn (eyelash hell). He tries, but it is still better to get some myself.

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