Squirrel and Oak Mittens – done.

The Squirrel and Oak Mittens are done. The oakleaf mitten is a bit uneven – I still haven’t perfect how to keep an even tension while working stranded knitting. And I seem to have reversed myself on the thumb pattern on the oakleaf as well – the pattern continuity with the rest of the palm appears to be off a row. Ah well.


These were knit on size 3us dpns, in Plymouth yarns Suri Merino – not a very practical mitten yarn.  I like the corrugated ribbing on the wrists very much – it’s a neat technique.   You strand two colors,  working all the knit stitches of the ribbing in one, and the purl stitches in the other.   It’s not a very flexible rib – but it looks great.


4 thoughts on “Squirrel and Oak Mittens – done.

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