The oak mitten is coming along. Not, perhaps, well, but along. It looks like I’ve had a little gauge accident in about mid mitten — the top is decidedly narrower then the bottom. I’m going to see how it blocks – the bottom of the mitten may just be showing the effects of having been tried on and stretched. Regardless of cause, I’m stuck with it, unless I want to buy more yarn and knit this mitten again. This yarn doesn’t frog well at all.

Bee Projects 001

And I’ve started another One Row Scarf (my variant).  This one is Crystal Palace Yarns Iceland in the rose petal colourway.   This pattern is great for bulky yarns.   Size 10.5US needles.

Bee Projects 006


2 thoughts on “Progress.

  1. A while back I was casting on for a One Row and couldn’t remember the pattern quite right – instead of doing the sensible thing, and looking it up, I fiddled around with graph paper until I got it to “work”. It’s the same pattern, but slightly rearranged, and I really like the selvedge edge my variant makes, so I’ve kept using it. I’ll try and get a nice photo of the selvedge in my next picture set of this scarf – I think I have one posted on the other side of the link too.

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