Retail Therapy

It’s been one of those long weeks, culminating in a minor parenting crisis yesterday. In the aftermath I have treated myself to plenty of simple knitting, lots of word puzzles, not nearly enough tea, and a little yarn store shopping.

Pink yarn for a scarf for the Bee:
Crystal Palace Yarns Iceland

Crayon color yarns for knitting some fair isle hats to practice for my big sweater project coming up:
Cascade 220

A lovely pair of deep blue and aran skeins, to make a fair isle hat as a gift. For someone. I don’t know who yet:
Nature Spun

Koigu – because I like koigu:

And some books:

For inspiration, education, and because reading is more constructive then making a blender full of pina coladas and hiding in a hot bath with the radio on high. I love my daughter, but she’s driving me nuts right now.


2 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

  1. Not yet. There are some great patterns in the Hats On book — I found them through Ravelry — and I think it will be one of those – the Norwegian star, perhaps.

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