Controlling startitis whilst driving oneself crazy.

So…. I’m knitting complex colorwork mittens, and getting sort of down on it. And I’m still sick of lace right now, and the Red Scarf is acrylic and I don’t feel like touching acrylic.

So… I think, I’ll knit a hat. A nice happy fun little hat. And I start browsing hat patterns, and reading the hat section in Knitting Rules, and thinking about hats I’ve knit before, and turning the stash over picking out a nice yarn to make a hat out of.

But I can’t find my short circular – the one I knit all my hats on. Gone, poof, vanished. Not in the jar I keep my circulars in, not in the zip up needle case, not in the fabric needle roll. Not by the bed. Not in with the mitten. Not hidden in the stash. Not by the computer.

Grumble, curse moan. Delete your favorite expletive here. I need to buy a new short circular, or knit on dpns. I can’t go the the knitting store right now. I might as well get one of the lace projects out of the knitting basket and check over the pattern. Grumble.

Hrm. Where’s the pattern? Oh, that’s right, I shoved into the bottom of the basket.

It’s right here. Under this partially knitted hat on my short circular.


3 thoughts on “Controlling startitis whilst driving oneself crazy.

  1. Nice to hear it’s not just me! Sometimes I feel like my knitting lives in a state of permanent disarray. I have to say, it was pretty funny though, once I got over feeling dumb.

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