Managing colourwork, mitten progress.

I’m doing more colourwork recently, and thinking about embarking on a pretty ambitious sweater project later this fall, so I’m thinking a lot about how to manage it all.

Right now I keep the balls of yarn (two – I’ve never stranded more then two) in a zip bag, which protects the yarn and keeps it from tangling up too much as I work. I plan to use smaller zips for each ball of yarn on any multi-colour projects, which should work, I think.

The large zip also makes a convenient place to store the various bits and pieces that I need for the project over all when I am not working on it actively. It’s large enough that I can put standard printer paper in it well, so if I ever stashed yarn for a specific pattern, I could stash the pattern and yarn together.
Colorwork 001

Patterns I am working from or just storing go into the binder, in a plastic sleeve. This is the chart for the mitten — it prints on two pages, but I folded one up and slid them in together so I can see the front and the back together. The ruler marks my row, and makes it easy to see if/when I am off because I can see through it, and it juts out of the plastic sleeve enough to make it easy to move. Sometimes I use a sticky note on the sleeve it self, but the ruler is better.
Colorwork 003

This is how far I’ve progressed on the second mitten so far – I haven’t had a lot of sit down knitting time the past few days. It’s coming along though.
Colorwork 002


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