Walking while knitting.

It’s festival time in my hometown again – which means I spend large amounts of time walking around and knitting. I tuck a simple project into my little crochet bag, and click merrily away as I wander around with the family looking at stuff. My current walking project is a Red Scarf (Tim’s Scarf farrow rib pattern in worsted weight acrylic). Today’s festival – the North Canton Main Street Festival – provided some excellent knitting walking. I saw a bonsai exhibit which was so lovely that I kept missing stitches, watched a display of Irish step dancing, and got to browse dozens of booths selling various what-nots. The Bee won a pop-gun in a pick-the-duckie game, and went in on a jungle-gym ride, and dasHusband puttered around playing the ocarinas at every stall that had them (about six) and talking shop with the wandering juggler/magician.

The Bee and I both had walking knitting:

Knitters 2

I knit about five inches while we walked, but the Bee only knit a little in the car on the way there.

And we met Theresa, who totally gets why I would take her picture with my walking scarf:


Theresa is a blogless sock knitter and fellow fan of the Yarn Harlot — we held up traffic in the big tent talking knitting, and raving about which of Stephanie’s pattern’s we like best. Theresa deserves much sympathy – she is tending the booth in the tent for two days, and is not allowed to knit while she is there 😦 .


3 thoughts on “Walking while knitting.

  1. I need a really plain pattern to do it — the farrow rib scarf is good because it’s just k3, p1. The plain green mittens were good too – lots of simple ribbing, and stockinette. It has to be stuff I don’t need to think about the pattern for.

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