Conquering second mitten syndrome.

I cast on these mittens in February, as a Valentine’s Day present for my husband – he picked the pattern, and the yarn, and bought me the needles. Then I knit the first mitten and it didn’t fit him. No way, no how.

The squirrel mitten, of the squirrel and oak mittens from Hello Yarn.
Squirrel n Oak front

Fortunately the green mittens I cast on for my daughter turned out to be too large for her, so dasHusband gets those mittens, and I’ve cast on the oak mitten for this pair, which my daughter can have.

These are being knit on size 3US dpns in Plymouth Yarn’s Suri Merino.


3 thoughts on “Conquering second mitten syndrome.

  1. Glad you like them! It’s a great pattern. I’m not sure how practical a choice the suri merino is for a kids mitten, but it sure is soft and a pleasure to knit.

  2. Oh I love those mittens! Great colors.
    I have that pattern too!…somewhere.
    I must find it and make some.
    P.S. You have a great blog here. I will be lurking here more often.
    I came over from teabirds blog looking for writers for the Short Story Writing Month Group and was wondering if you would like to join.
    I just posted the first contest this morning.
    By the way Your knitted work is really awesome!

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