Good Fortune – Finished! And a dish cloth.

I’ve finished one of my UFO’s – the Arches and Column’s scarf, which I am calling my Good Fortune project. Good Fortune, because it is a brilliant red, the color of good luck, and because I started it the day we didn’t crash into anyone or anything when the brakes failed as we were trying to stop for the red light at the bottom of the hill.

Good Fortune was knit in SRK Ovation , a kid mohair and silk yarn, held doubled through out (I knit from two skeins). Size 7US needles. The pattern is the Crystal Palace Yarn’s Arches and Columns scarf.

Here it is before blocking, with the ends still showing.
Good Fortune Finished

And shown off after blocking.
Good  Fortune Blocked

Note the jog in the pattern at the bottom — somehow I worked a decrease in the middle of one of the columns, and didn’t notice until the pattern re-established, and everything was shifted sideways a stitch. Very strange.

And here is the lace recovery project I cast on as soon as Good Fortune was off the needles – a dishcloth in white cotton, the same needles, in the Feather and Fan pattern from the Dishcloth Boutique.
Feather and Fan dishcloth


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