In Lieu of a blogiversary post….

I give you – finished objects!!! My hand/arm finally got itself together again enough for me to knit.

Not pictured – a red scarf for the red scarf project.  Farrow rib on size 7 needles, red heart acrylic.   Looks pretty much exactly like this one.

A little shawl/shrug thing – knit from the heritage yarn, for my daughter. So far she’s discovered that it can be worn as a turban, sash, doll-baby sling, and sarong. It’s also been a teddy bear blanket and an inadequate rain hat. Size eight needles, yarn of unknown fiber, shawl pattern that I thought was the Comfort Shawl,  but isn’t.  Sarah B.  has you increase every other row,  but I increased every row — made it pointier.

CampKnitting 010

A teeny sack. Knit on teeny dpns from odds and ends from my scrap bag. Just large enough to hold an egg.  Maggie Luongo’s Amulet Bag pattern.

CampKnitting 007

A baby blanket! And a close up of the basketweave stitch I used. This will get shipped of to my sister in MT, for her new baby.  I wrote out the pattern here.

CampKnitting 012CampKnitting 016


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