What color would you knit a Buddha?

Kis-knit has recently been the victim of a drive  by Buddha-ing,  a deliciously whimsical event that has prompted an email exchange ending in the query:  What color, and what kind of yarn, would you knit a Buddha out of?

And since I cannot knit at all right now, and must type left handed due to a thumb injury (I gave my right hand a nasty yank on my hiking trip, catching it on my pack strap in full swing.  33 lbs my eye.),  I’ve decided to just pass the question on to you.   Leave a comment, tell me your dream knit buddha!


4 thoughts on “What color would you knit a Buddha?

  1. Bronze silk. Bronze because it’s an amalgam of essential metals, and because its creation marked a step in our ability to change the world by using existing materials. Silk because of metamorphosis.

    Of course, one could also go for orange and lime green fake fur — the Buddha would know that the process would be the important thing, not the object…

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