Dear Random Searchers

I’m afraid I do not know where to find antique knitting needles in Dallas, Texas. I hope you are able to find them, and insanely curious about why you want to.

Food makes me happy too.

I do not know any toboggan hat poems. I didn’t know any dishcloth poems either, but someone else did and shared it in a comment. So, readers – any toboggan hat poems?

I’m sorry your grandmother makes you feel guilty. Guilt is one of our least functional emotions, far too easily corrupted from the gentle nudge it should be into an overwhelming beast. Remember – your first duty is to yourself, to live up to your own standards.

I’m quite pleased that so many people seem to be interested in lemonade syrup – I think it’s the best thing in the world to keep a jar of in the fridge all summer.


2 thoughts on “Dear Random Searchers

  1. A Prayer of Thanks, to share.

    Thank you, Goddess Mother, for bringing me back to my beautiful, thoughtful friend. Your sense of humor doesn’t always escape me — was it an accidental carbon-copy of an email that got me here!?! Perhaps it was…you have, after all, done funnier things to bring cherished loved ones back into my life.

    Thank you, Mother God, for stirring in my heart the longing to reconnect with someone who honestly and totally showed me LOVE: the kind of love one woman who isn’t used to having woman-friends shares with another, the kind of devotion a strong, capable, independent woman shares with her good husband, the kind of crashing-over-you love a new mother has for her child (before she is even born), the kind of love that answers a keen hunger for motherhood with an amazing opportunity to be Tia Josa.

    Thank you, Sacred Vesta, for sending your virgin devotee to the world of mortals, to inspire and teach us, to comfort us, to bring out of us, our best nurturing selves.

    Thank you, Universe, for Anna. I recognize the blessing in sharing her company, and being remembered.

    Your Hopeful Daughter,

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