Giant Basketweave Baby Blanket.

This is the baby blanket – it’s about halfway finished, and if I hunker down and knit a couple of films this weekend, it should be done quite soon. I hope to be able to get it in the mail next week.

Baby Blanket 013

And, since it’s such a lovely blanket, and I’m totally crazy for this “pattern” I thought I’d write it up formally.

Giant Basket Weave Baby Blanket

Gauge: 12-14 st per 4 in. I measured it 3 times – some rows it’s 12 st, some it’s 14. If I take the full width of 36 inches and divide by the number of stitches I cast on then multiply by four, I get 11.1111111. Make of this all what you will.

Dimensions: 36×40 inches.

US size 10.5 needles (or size needed to get gauge, if you wish to get the gauge I am working at, which I’m not sure how you could. I’m not sure how I can.)

Yarn: I’m using Knitpicks Shine Worsted, in Grass and Cream, at 75 yards/50 grams. Any worsted weight yarn would work. Yarn is held doubled throughout.

CO 100 stitches.

Row 1 and 3: K4, P4 across.

Rows 2 and 4: P4, K4 across.

Rows 5 and 7: K across.

Rows 6 and 8: P across.

Rows 9-12: Repeat rows 1-4.

Rows 13 and 15: P across.

Rows 14 and 16: K across.

Repeat rows 1-16 until the blanket measures 40 inches.

Notes: This pattern is easily adjustable to make what ever size blanket you want/have the patience for. It’s a very easy knit, and I’m already dreaming of a full sized throw in a nice wool. For a baby blanket, I recommend a washable yarn.

The stitch pattern is simple – K,P rows alternating with K and P rows, with the number of rows = the number of k and p stitches alternating. I’m knitting 4 in this blanket – k4, p4 for 4 rows, 4 plain rows, but it would be simplicity it self to k3,p3 and knit 3 plain rows. Or 2. Or 10. Or make it uneven –alternate 4 k/p, but only do two rows of plain – that would be interesting. Or… or… or…. Really – whatever you like will probably work.

Yardage? I dunno. I haven’t finished this one yet. I’ve used 4 pairs of skeins so far ( a strand of each color knit together), and I’ve got another 4 pairs to use. I’ll keep going until I get to 40 inches, or run out of yarn. I think I’m likely to run out of yarn, being half way through my yarn, and having 16 inches of length. That would give me 32 total inches, knit from 1200 yards of yarn (held doubled). We’ll see.


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