The trouble with scarves.

Scarves seem like small projects. You can knit them on 8 inch straights, you cast on maybe 40 stitches, they take only a skein or two of yarn. They seem little. Harmless. Fun. Affordable.

Until you turn around one May evening and you have 4 unfinished scarves in your knitting basket. And two of them are lace patterns, intricate and lovely, and knit in cobweb weight fluffy yarns that make you want to scream. The other two are plain knitting – obviously, I was thinking something like “A nice break from the lace when I need it.”

It would be a nicer break from the lace if I , oh say, *liked*  the plain knitting scarves though.   As it is,  I get sick of knitting on any scarf at all,  and knit ribbed caps,  or work on the SnowDrop shawl.    The end result is I’m knitting half an inch at a time on four scarf projects at once,  and none of them are getting done.

Obviously I need to do something different.

I think I’ll cast on Naima*.

*pdf pattern.


One thought on “The trouble with scarves.

  1. I onced decided to make a scarf out of elann baby silk on some very small needles. It took me most of the year to finish it. And it’s not really that long. I thought I would give it as a gift, but I’ve invested so much time in it, that I think I will keep it. I think from now on I will only knit scarves on size 8 andup needles. This one wore me out.

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