Hey! That’s right, I have a knitting blog!

Not that I’ve been knitting all that much recently.   Springer Fever has hit me hard,  and this year I’ll actually get to do something about it – I’m section hiking in August.  For those interested in that aspect of my life, check out my Trail Journal.

In knitting news – still churning out dishcloths like theres no tomorrow, and not bothering to photograph them.   And all the yarn for the baby blanket has arrive, so I’ve been swatching cotton boucle, and experimenting with different combinations of afghan blocks.   I’ll take some pics of all that tonight, and post on it tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Hey! That’s right, I have a knitting blog!

  1. Awesome! Thru-hiking the AT is one of those things I’ve wanted to do for a while and just haven’t commited the time to severely alter my life in order to do it.

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