I went on a binge.

A dishcloth binge. Somehow all other knitting thoughts got swept from my mind by the tight body and hard feel of 100% cotton worsted weight, and I have been knitting myself silly on dishcloths.

Dishclothes galore.

Here we have just a few of the ten or so dishcloths I have knit in the past week or so. Note that 3/4 size dishcloth? I discovered near the end of the skein that what I had thought was the supersize 3oz ball of sugar n cream was in fact a standard 2 oz skein. Normally, I’d adjust the size of the cloth, so that I can knit two same sized cloths from one skein — but I didn’t notice until too late.

The pattern with the bars across it is a pattern that Melanie referred me too — it’s really lovely in the multicolor yarn! (Melanie, I’m not blaming you for the dishcloth binge, it wasn’t like you were on my shoulder in the yarn shop making me buy yarn. But I was holding a copy of that pattern when I went…… 😉 )

The other pattern is called the Open Star pattern (I’ve knit it before, if that sounds familiar to you), and is from the Dishcloth Boutique, whose java frames are in danger of becoming permanently burned into my monitor screen from how much I’ve been using them recently. I can’t figure out how to link directly to the pattern, so I’ve linked to the page it’s on.

The blue/yellow/white dishcloths are actually two bars of handmade soap and some felting wool – I’m knitting them for a barter with someone who saw me knitting a snowdrop pattern dishcloth last week and wanted some of her own.

Edit 8/13/09: Edited to fix broken links – the Dishcloth Boutique has moved.


6 thoughts on “I went on a binge.

  1. It must be something in the air! I started my own discloth binge on Sunday. I’ve done 4 so far using various combinations of hot pink, hot orange, and pink-orange-yellow variegated (they remind me of my favoirte 4th grade dress). Isn’t it fun to watch how they turn out?


  2. I loved the washcloths. I totally understand the binge too. I was trying to find the pattern for the one pattern that you used but I couldn’t find it I think you called it the Open Star, could you tell me how to find it?

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