In the Works.

My sister’s baby is due in May, and what kind of Auntie would I be if I didn’t see that a new baby was properly greeted with lovely fuzzy knitted things?

I’m going to make up a baby blanket (possibly two, I’ve found two patterns I like and am having trouble choosing between). Green, soft, and machine washable.


3 thoughts on “In the Works.

  1. I haven’t got the Mason-Dixon book, so unless I hit the library, I doubt I’ll be making up anything from it — I have seen a pattern for a simple garter stitch bid somewhere recently, and it seems like a nice quick knit as well.

    I’ll be heading out on Friday to pick out the yarn for the baby projects, and it’s occurred to me that if I am making gifts for the new baby, I’d probably better make something for my nephew as well (he’s six, a few months younger then my daughter). Just need to figure out what.

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