A book! A book!

A Book 001

Doesn’t look like much, does it?

Check the title page:

A Book 003

That’s right folks – my knitting library now has THREE books in it!

I picked this up on BookMooch, which I have to say is just the most nifty website you could think of.


3 thoughts on “A book! A book!

  1. It is. I love being able to declutter books without feeling guilty about throwing them away, or sending them to some charity which will probably throw them away. My community hasn’t got many good used book stores where I can take things – there’s one, but they trade in paperback romances — the one genre of books I *don’t* buy.

  2. Sounds like a good site for me. I don’t really give up books, but I’m always adding to my library… Reminds me that I should finish cataloging my books in LibraryThing. Something to do on my vacation.

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