Camel hair yarn – swatching, skein 1.

I have two skeins of spindle spun camel hair yarn, from Earth Friendly Yarns. Both skeins are 100 grams, and roughly worsted weight – no yardage is given. While normally I would not swatch a yarn except for a specific project, given the exotic fiber and hand spun character of this yarn, I think that some serious pre-project swatching is in order.

This is my standard 20 stitch swatch, knit on size eight needles. Unblocked on the left, blocked on the right.
Camel yarn Swatch un blockedCamel yarn swatch blocked

I am working on the theory that spindle spun fair trade yarn from Mongolia might not be as washed as the yarns I am used too, and that this might affect the softness etc of the yarn and swatch. There was a lot of little bits of stuff in the yarn as I knit the swatch – straw, grass, etc, and it had a very slick greasy feel to it that lingered on my fingers. So instead of just damp blocking this, I went ahead and washed it as if I were washing fleece , and I washed it twice.  The first time with hot water and wool wash, and the second time with hot water and a drop of dish soap.

The first wash did pour off very yellow/brown,  and the second was pretty clear,  so when I swatch the second skein I will only do one wash.    The unwashed swatch was very scratchy and rough,  while after washing it has a much softer light feel — it’s still quite rough,  but it has a sort of suede like feel to it, under the scratchy halo.

The final gauge is 4 sts/1 inch over the stockinette,  and the swatch measures almost exactly five inches across,  so I am pretty comfortable with calling it a heavy worsted weight yarn.  I am hoping that the second skein will match this gauge after it is swatched and washed – the colors match well, and it would be nice to use them together.


2 thoughts on “Camel hair yarn – swatching, skein 1.

  1. The color is great – it’s slightly heathered, which doesn’t show up well in the pictures, but there’s a lot of depth to the shades in it. I’m carrying the swatch around with almost everywhere, fiddling with it *lol*

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